About me

Previously I have worked in various counselling settings including at Mind and St. Joseph’s Hospice supporting a wide range of clients struggling with depression, anxiety, grief and other life crises. This has allowed me to meet and work with people facing a wide range of difficulties.

Therapy work is creative and collaborative. Having a background in design, as well as philosophy, I am flexible and mindful of working the balance between ‘thinking’ and ‘expressing feelings’ depending on the clients’ needs. My analytical skills assist and motivate clients to think for themselves and unravel the difficulties they might have, simultaneously, I focus on working with my client to connect with his/her underlying emotions.


My experience covers, but is not limited to the areas listed below:

• Mental Health – anxiety, low self-esteem, mood swings, self-destructive behaviour, depression, OCD, anger and rage, irritability

• Existential Difficulties – loss or lack of meaning in life, mid-life crisis, procrastination, isolation

• Relationships – jealousy, break-ups, separation anxiety, loneliness

• Career / Work Problems – unfulfilled potential, stress and burn-out, lack of confidence, communication problems

• Trauma and Abuse – PTSD, historical or recent abuse, complex trauma • Others – Sleep disruption, Immigration-related stress

• Bereavement