How I work

As a Transactional Analyst, I abide by the fundamental belief that people are “OK”, and that we have an intrinsic ability to grow and get better. Transactional Analysis also provides a framework for looking into the different dimensions of one’s own experience and connecting with underlying emotions. Through providing a non-judgemental and contained space, I aim to support my clients to better understand themselves and welcome making meaning to their own journey of life.

I work with a relational model of psychotherapy. In this model, the relationship you have with me as your therapist is central to our work together. It’s important that we trust each other and get on in an authentic, human way. I see each client and their experiences as unique and valuable and I tailor my work based on individual needs.


The responsibility to understand other cultures is crucial to my work as a therapist. Your background is important to me, and you can feel confident that I will keep an open mind and respect our differences.

I grew up and have lived in two metropolitan cities (Hong Kong and London) and I am myself non-native to the UK. If you belong to a minority group, you will find me sensitive to the implications of ethnicity and empathetic to the difficulties that it can arise, such as power oppression and inequality.